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Life can get busy, particularly when you’re in full time work, but why should being busy mean missing out on the pleasure of having a pet? If you have a furry friend at home that needs someone around to care for them during the busiest periods of your life, why not consider hiring pet carers to take the weight off of your shoulders? Through hiring au pair individuals as help for your pets, you’ll be gaining access to a live-in, on-demand pet carer to help you with daily chores such as feeding your pet, taking them for walks, playing with them and even providing pet sitting duties on the days you really can’t escape being out of the house all day.

If you’re frequently travelling away from home, work full time or simply need a little help because you’re limited in mobility, a pet carer can help relieve some of the stress of caring for your pet. From ensuring they’re well fed and walked, to washing and grooming or even ensuring medication is taken when required, pet carers can be there for your pet when you can’t be.

When hiring a carer through Oaktree Care Agency, you’ll not only be gaining a helping hand, but you’ll be helping a young person to learn and settle in a new culture. Whether they’re looking to polish up their English language skills, or wanting to improve upon their independence, you can help them while they help you and learn some valuable skills and lessons yourself along the way. Au pairs offer a unique kind of friendship too, with most feeling like a member of the family by the end of your stay. For unique friendships and much-needed help, hire a carer for your pets, today.


Become A Pet Carer

If you’re a prospective au pair who’s passionate about pets, becoming a pet carer could be the placement for you. There’s no need for any training or qualifications – all you need is a love for animals and preferably a little experience in caring for pets and you could be providing help to a family in need while earning a bit of pocket money as you go! Pick up a new language as you take the beloved animal for walks, ensure they’re fed and even providing basic washing and grooming services if they’re needed, all while making valuable friends along the way.

Au pairs benefit from an immersive experience in which they can learn more than just a language. Through living with a host family, you can pick up cultural differences, indulge in new cuisines and provide aid to those who need it. Your host family may work regularly or be away for periods of time, so you can truly develop a sense of independence as one of the pet carers we connect.

All you have to do is fill in the application form here on our website. You can choose the period of time you want to stay for, the services you’re willing to offer, gender or age preferences and more. All you have to do is provide complete and clean police checks, personal references and any evidence of experience or qualifications if applicable. Fill out our form, or get in touch for more information, today.

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