Hire A Live In Nanny And Housekeeper

If you’re looking to hire a live in nanny and housekeeper, here at Oaktree Care Agency, we are dedicated to ensuring nannies and host families are matched dependent on their requirements. With increasingly busy lives, balancing a work-home life can seem impossible and we can often find ourselves desperate for a bit of help when it’s needed most. With live in child care jobs, these individuals can provide you exactly the help you need, the moment it’s needed. Most nannies will even offer help around the house when it’s needed, particularly with cooking for the children or tidying up when it’s needed.

A live in nanny and housekeeper can offer full-time childcare for you and your children, building valuable relationships with you and your little ones, and will likely come to feel like part of the family. With their work dedicated to ensuring your children are well-cared for and remain healthy and happy, you can rest assured that this is an investment worth making. What’s more, the nannies we connect you to will have relevant childcare training or qualifications that they can utilise while under your employment, so you really will be in good hands.

It’s important to note, however, that your live in nanny and housekeeper will be a full-time employee in these cases and should be treated as such. You, and they, will have to consider taxation, minimum wage rates and more. If you need any information or help with these standards, feel free to get in touch with us, today.


Live Out Nanny Jobs UK

If you’re a qualified or trained nanny seeking live in child care jobs or live out nanny jobs UK, here at Oaktree Care Agency, we are dedicated to connecting you to employers and host families who will care and respect you as an extended member of their family. Dedicate your time to caring and nurturing growing children and provide a helping hand to busy parents through nanny jobs, and you can even decide whether you’d prefer to live in, or live elsewhere and travel to work each day.

You’ll need a fair amount of experience in childcare and while it is possible to gain an au pair placement featuring child care without qualifications, those looking to become a full-time nanny will often need to have formal training. Your pay can also depend on the experience you have, but as standard, £500-£600 a week is a fairly common wage! You could even earn more as a live out nanny, so this may be worth considering when applying for a job as a nanny!

For live out nanny jobs UK, we are able to connect nannies and host families with ease, all dependent on the qualifications, requirements and experience you have. From choosing the age of the children you’re willing to care for, to picking whether or not you’re willing to work in the countryside, we put the power in your hands. Simply fill out the form, provide references and a police check when required and we’ll get to work connecting you to families looking to hire nannies, today.

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