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Every parent can feel overwhelmed from time to time, if not on a regular basis, which is why here at Oaktree Care Agency, we are proud to offer mothers help jobs and placements for au pairs and host families. If you’re an au pair seeking a placement with a friendly family to provide childcare, why not consider providing mothers help services? If you have some experience in caring for children and a dedication to offering a helping hand when it’s most needed, this could be the right position for you in a host family.

As a mother’s help au pair, you may be required to help out with anything from everyday activities like housework, to driving children to school if you have the relevant licence and insurance. You could also be asked to cook for the children in your care while the parents are at work and provide babysitting duties on top of this – but it’s not all serious! You can let your imagination run wild as you offer the children the chance to play even when their parents are away or busy. You can nurture their curiosity and creativity and teach them new languages – they could even return the favour.

Regardless of whether you’re good with kids or simply looking to offer a helping hand where it’s needed, we have a variety of mothers help jobs available for eligible au pair applicants. Provided that you’re between 17 and 27 and are willing to offer a helping hand, you could be earning between £100 and £200 a week for your efforts.


Hire A Helper For Live in Child Care Jobs

If you’re on the other side of the mothers help jobs spectrum and are seeking a helper to help relieve some of the stress of child care, hosting an au pair can be an enriching, cost-effective and valuable way of getting precisely that. For a fraction of the cost of traditional babysitting or nanny services, you can not only gain an extra pair of hands to help with day-to-day chores, but you’ll also be given the opportunity to form a unique and lasting friendship in the meantime.

You can provide language help to a curious student while gaining the help you need to take the stress off of your shoulders. Whether it’s picking the kids up from school or having someone there on unexpected child sick days, mothers help au pairs are here to help with their live in child care jobs. We ensure that every applicant we forward on to you has passed police checks, has good character references and has proof of childcare experience where necessary. While it’s important to note that you aren’t guaranteed an officially qualified individual, they are fully able to offer basic care and help where needed, regardless.

If you’re interested in hosting an au pair, all you have to do is register and apply for mothers help au pairs. Simply fill in your details in our registration form, let us know what services you require and whether you’d prefer male, female or either, and the preferred duration of stay that you are able to cater for. From here, we’ll match you to your au pair and you’ll have a helping hand for the live in child care jobs and a lifetime friend by your side, in no time.

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