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The online registration fee is the associated costs of the client providing their details to the agency. It does not guarantee a Placement will exist and will ensure only candidates that are committed to the process engage with us from the outset. Payment of the fee is non-refundable, and is necessary since there is work to be completed that is charged involving placing each client on a database, including the provisions of the Web site and domain costs.

Please note: Registration needs to be paid before the application is considered submitted.

Au Pair/Candidate Registration

Click on "Register Online" if you are an Au Pair or Candidate for Oaktree Care Agency Ltd to identify your requirement for a Host Family.

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Host Family Registration

Click on "Register Online" if you are a Host Family for Oaktree Care Agency Ltd to offer a bespoke Candidate to meet your requirements.

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It was great to be placed in London and I enjoyed my stay, the agency was efficient and the family made me feel welcome

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