Duties & Responsibilities Of An Au Pair

Many men and women that embark on the adventure of becoming an au pair tend to do a lot of research beforehand to ensure that it is the right choice for them. One of the key concerns tends to be which duties and responsibilities they may have to cover while living with a host family. Here at Oaktree Care Agency, we’ve compiled a simple guide to some of the most common duties you’ll find and how much you may be asked or expected to do.


Take Care Of The Children

The most common duty when living with a host family is childcare. Many hosts apply for an au pair for an additional pair of hands to help with the children, particularly during busy times for the parents. Whether it’s making meals, helping with homework, putting them to bed or doing the school run, being confident in the ability to do all f the above and generally being around children is a highly sought-after skill.

If the children take part in activities after school, you will also have to take them to and from these and then put them to bed in the evening.

Of course, due to the nature of young children, there may be some tantrums. However, au pairs have returned home and said that they loved caring for the children and they will miss them as the relationship they had with them was special.


Everyday Chores

If you’ve been hired as a nanny for your au pair family, your duties may only extend as far as taking care of the children, and the occasional chore relating to their well-being. This may include cleaning their clothes, making their beds, helping with tidying their rooms or similar duties as and when they’re needed.

However, for au pairs living with families who may not have children, or who have children who are older, you could be asked to do cleaning and other chores around the house. This may include light cleaning, ironing and washing, but will never include strenuous or heavy tasks.



If you can cook, you may be asked to help with the daily meal. You can determine not only on your application but with your au pair family after matching how much cooking is expected, your skill level and how comfortable with the duty you are.

This may come as part of either the childcare part of your duties or as part of the daily chores.


Light Shopping

 As an au pair, you may be asked to help out with shopping or pick up a few bits and pieces when things are busy. If you feel comfortable with doing a bigger shop, or have the ability to drive approach, you may offer to do a bigger shop while you are out.

The duties and responsibilities that may be expected of you can differ from family to family, though you will have full control over what you do and don’t feel comfortable doing. For more information about this role or about hosting an au pair, contact Oaktree Care Agency, today.



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