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Au pair host families looking for elderly companion & childcare take on au pair for a range of different purposes. This page provides useful information for host families.

Au Pair

Au Pair Services are mainly single, male or female, heterosexual couples with no dependants between the age of 17 and 27 years. Au Pairs come to the UK or another country as a cultural exchange to learn about the language and are treated as a member of the family in exchange for light housework and child or adult care. In return they receive pocket money, full board and lodging, and should have their own room and can reside with the family for 3 months and up to 2 years. The Au Pair is not employed by Oaktree Care Agency Ltd or the family and care should be taken for each respective native traditional family values.

The Au Pair will be responsible for paying for transport to and from the UK, however, the Host Family will meet the Au Pair at your point of entry whether it be an airport, bus/train station or port. Your Host Family will assist you in looking for suitable colleges to help you enrol on courses to study in the Host Family’s native country. All college fees are the Au Pairs responsibility, if you are an Au Pair within the EU countries and Adult Education Centres are near to a host family then you may be entitled to free classes and only pay the exam fees.

For more information from the Home Office UK Border Agency click here.

Standard Au Pair Services

Standard Au Pairs (25 hours per week) work 5 hours per day (5 days per weeks) and baby sit for upto 2 evenings per week and must receive a minimum of £65 per week. All Au Pairs must be allowed time off to attend English, or the respective Families countries native language during the day or evening. The duration of stay is flexible based upon the agreement between the Au Pair and family, however most come for between 6 – 12 months, however some stay for the summer period of 2 -3 months.

Au Pair Plus Services

Au Pair Plus (26-35 hours per week EU only) carry out the same duties and have the same free times as Au Pairs, but work upto 35 hours per week. They should receive a minimum of £75 to £90 per week pocket money. Any hours that an Au Pair Plus provides should be paid at the rate of £3.50 per hour.

Mother’s Help Services

Where the mother is at home with children and she wants another pair of hands to help with child care and housework. Mothers help are less experienced in child care and as such are normally supervised and are not expected to take sole charge of a new born or very young baby. Mothers help can expect to be paid £100 - £200 per week. Read more on mothers help here.


A Nanny can be live in or out, and has a solid amount of experience with children often with formal childcare training and qualification. Nanny’s weekly pay varies depending upon experience, but can earn £500 - £600 per week or more for a live out position, however some can earn upto £1,000 per week with the associated taxes and National Insurance contribution borne by the families as Nanny’s are classed as employees of the host family. Read more on Nanny services here.

Elderly Companions

Elderly Companions care for the elderly and are not formally trained in the care of Elderly and provide comfort and security and light domestic work and recognise if a problem where to arise take remedial action. Read more on elderly companions here.

Our Service

For you and your family:

  • All Candiates are rigorously screened and selected by Oaktree Care Agency Ltd.
  • We discuss your needs on the telephone as part of the matching process
  • We send you a full information pack on the Au Pair, with child care references, medical certificate, training certificates, and photographs.
  • Provide 24 hour personal service, 7 days per week.

Household Staff

Finding a household staff agency that truly cares about the well being of their clients is often a difficult affair, but with Oaktree Care Agency, we are dedicated to providing a professional and caring service for every applicant we have. Read more on household staff here.

Pet Carers

Life can get busy, particularly when you’re in full time work, but why should being busy mean missing out on the pleasure of having a pet? If you have a furry friend at home that needs someone around to care for them during the busiest periods of your life, why not consider hiring pet carers to take the weight off of your shoulders? Read more on pet carers here.

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