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Host Family FAQs

  1. How Does The Search And Registration Process Work?


If you’re looking to hire an au pair, you can register online here at Oaktree Care Agency by filling out our simple registration form. This form will include questions about:


  • Where You Live
  • Your Family
  • Your Au Pair Requirements
  • Your Family Home
  • Terms And Conditions


It is important that you answer these questions honestly in order for us to understand exactly what you are looking for so we can match you with your ideal au pair. Once you have completed your registration form and agreed to the terms and conditions, you will then wait to hear from us in regards to your application.


  1. Do I Need To Provide Anything For My Au Pair?


You will need to provide small amounts of pay – or pocket money – and full board for your au pair during the agreed time, which includes daily meals and their own private bedroom. It is up to you as to what you also offer them dependant on your personal situation, the duties they have been asked to fill or the relationship you may build with them throughout their stay.


Some examples of extras you could offer include allowing your au pair to use your car in their spare time (if they have the relevant license), so they can not only run errands when needed but explore the surrounding area when they aren’t working. Additionally, you could take them abroad with you and your family if you were to go on holiday. Some host families also pay towards travel expenses and language classes, but these are optional and won’t be a required part of hosting an au pair.


  1. What Do I Do If My Au Pair Is Homesick?


It is common for au pairs to get homesick, especially if it is their first time travelling overseas, or being away from home for a long period of time. However, there are ways for you to help them so that they can feel more at ease.


Some ideas include:


  • Welcome your au pair with open arms and include them in your family activities as much as possible. This should extend beyond just daily duties.
  • Rather than exploring the local area alone, show your au pair around the local area yourself
  • If you know someone else who has an au pair, give them contact details so they can arrange to meet up
  • Encourage them to talk to us – we can talk them through what they are feeling and provide support where necessary.
  • Work hard at the language barrier. Either help them learn your language or learn some of theirs to truly make them feel included.


  1. How Many Hours Should An Au Pair Work?


Typically an au pair works about 25 hours per week from Monday to Friday, with the weekend off. This can include 2 evenings per week. Au pairs are able to have time off to attend language classes in the day or the evening.


The hours, and the length of stay can be agreed between the au pair and the host family dependant on needs and what the au pair is willing to work. Generally, the length of stay can vary from 2-3 months (often over a summer), and 6-12 months at any point of the year.


  1. How Much Should I Pay My Au Pair?


In addition to full board, you should pay your au pair a minimum of £65 per week as a form of ‘pocket money’. Of course, you can pay them more if you would like or are able, or give them additional privileges, such as the use of your car or inviting them to join you on your family holiday.



Au Pair FAQs


  1. How Many Hours Do I Have To Work Each Week And How Much Do I Get Paid?


Typically you will work 25 hours per week across Monday-Friday, with some evenings where needed. You will have free time to attend language classes or explore the surrounding area as you wish.


You should expect to earn a minimum of £65 per week. In addition to this money, you may receive privileges from your host family, including holidays, days out or having the use of their car on some occasions (if you have a license). As well as getting paid, you will have full board, which includes a private bedroom and all your meals.


  1. Do I Have To Pay For My Flight?


You will have to pay for your flight when travelling to your host family, who will greet you at the airport and take you to their home, or arrange for a transfer to pick you up. In some cases, your host family may pay for your travel. However, this will depend on the family’s own situation, so be financially prepared to pay for both flights yourself.


When you are in the stages of planning your trip, ensure that you ask your host family about their local airport. It may also be best to ask them the best date and their ideal time (this can vary with flight times), so you know that they will be available when you arrive.


  1. What Do I Do If I Am Unhappy With My Host Family Or The Entire Experience?


Whether you’re homesick, you and your host family don’t click or you simply just don’t enjoy being an au pair, you can contact us at any time and we will help to find a solution that works for both you and your host family. In some cases, we can swap you into a different host family and provide your original host family with a new au pair.


We do suggest that you give yourself a few weeks to get settled in because at first, it may seem overwhelming if you are not used to living away from home. If you are feeling unhappy, however, contact Oaktree Care Agency and we will do our utmost to assist you.


  1. What Duties Could I Be Asked To Do?


Whether you are new to being an au pair or you are very experienced, you will have full control over the duties and responsibilities you feel comfortable completing. When registering to become an au pair, you can decide which of the following you are comfortable with –


  • Light Housework
  • Ironing
  • Cooking
  • Laundry
  • Supervise Homework
  • Help With Shopping


You will also be given the opportunity to state which age of child you’d be happy to care for, and how many, from 1 – 5.


  1. Can I Make Requests About My Host Family And Location?


Here at Oaktree Care Agency, we will do our utmost to listen to your requests to match you with a host family that fits your ideal requirements. You will be able to determine the length of your stay, whether you’d be happy with a country/village location, the age of children you’d be caring for, how many children you’d be comfortable caring for, and the chores you wish to take on when living with your au pair family.


We will take this information to find the best match, and will take any other requests into consideration when matching au pairs to families.

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